Imagine a magic place where tropical rain forest turns to dry savannah and where historical heritage meets nature spectacles. Welcome to Kintampo! Located in the heart of Ghana, Kintampo and its surroundings offer a unique travel experience off the beaten tourist track by combining history, nature and wildlife. Kintampo is a lively and lovely provincial market town in the geographical centre of Ghana with a multi-ethnic population. It marks the last spot of the cultural ‘south’ and the first of ‘the north’. Kintampo is home to several remarkable and pristine attractions most of them unmentioned in any tourist guidebook. For instance, the Fuller Falls, a hidden oasis in the forests of Kintampo’s hinterlands or the impressive colonial bungalow area providing a historic view on Kintampo’s important administrative role during British colonial times. Furthermore, Kintampo is the perfect gateway to the North of Ghana and to Mole National Park, the country`s first and biggest national park. Many more attractions, stories and encounters in and around Kintampo are (yet) to be discovered – by you!