Kintampo is located right in the center of Ghana, exactly between Kumasi and Tamale, and therefore a perfect destination on your trip from the South to the North (or vice versa). Both, Kumasi and Tamale, are served several times a day by different airlines from Accra (UnityAir, PassionAir, Africa World Airlines), which could safe you a few hours when taking a taxi from the airport to the TroTor or Bus stations and then continuing to Kintampo. However getting to Kintampo by bus is much cheaper and – of course – better for the environment. (No responsibility can be taken for this information, latest update: Nov 2021)

Accra (8-11 hours)

  • Direct VIP Bus, leaving daily from their own bus terminal at Kwame Nkrumah Circle directly to Kintampo at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm. From Kintampo leaving to Accra from their station behind the old market at 8 am and 8 pm. Very comfortable and spacious new buses, approx. 80 GHC (as of Nov 2021). Buses from Kintampo to Accra fill up quickly. It is recommendable to buy the ticket the day before travelling or early in the morning. You can make a reservation at the Kintampo office: +233 54 6341135. Every other VIP bus service to Tamale or Bolgatanga would drop you also in Kintampo. General VIP support (also via WhatsApp): +233 20 920 6080,
  • If the schdule suits you better, a VIP Bus to Techiman (9 am and 8 pm, daily) is also a very good option. Once in Techiman you change to a shared taxi to Kintampo from the same station. Shared taxis leave when full (4 passengers) and take usually not much more than 1 hour.
  • Direct O.A. Bus from their own bus station at Kwame Nkrumah Circle directly to Kintampo at 8 am and 8 pm. From Kintampo leaving to Accra from their station opposite Sawaba transport yard at 8 am and 8 pm as well. Buses are comfortable, but a bit less than the VIP Bus, approx. 80 GHC (as of Nov 2021).
  • Direct GPRTU Bus from Neoplan Station at Kwame Nkrumah Circle is cheaper, it starts loading around 6 am and leaves when full (most likely around 8 am, but be there earlier, if you want to be sure).
  • VIP Bus to Kumasi (several services daily), and then change to a TroTro for approx. 35 GHC to Kintampo. Taxi drivers will lead you to the next TroTro station, best option is Adehyeman Station, another station is located here…
  • VIP Bus to Tamale would also drop you in Kintampo (3 pm and 5 pm), due to the leaving hours you will arrive to Kintampo in the night or early morning.

Kumasi (3-5 hours)

  • VIP Bus to Techiman (then change to shared taxi, see above), Kintampo or Tamale, several services daily from their own station close to Asafo Market. More information: WhatsApp: +233 20 920 6080,
  • Several TroTros serve Kintampo directly, one station is here…

TECHIMAN (1-2 hours)

  • Direct Shared Taxi from the Techiman transport yard to Kintampo, leaving when full (4 passengers), approx. 15 GHC.
  • Dircet TroTros also serve Kintampo from the same transport yard, leaving when full, approx. 10 GHC.

Tamale (3-5 hours)

  • Direct VIP Bus to Kumasi or Accra can drop you in Kintampo, several services daily from their own station close to the Central Market. More information: WhatsApp: +233 20 920 6080,
  • Direct TroTros for approx. 30-40 GHC leave from the Bolga station.


  • Take any transport to Kumasi and then change to a TroTro to Kintampo (see description above)

THROUGH the Volta Region > for adventurers only (2-3 days)

You really want to go off the beaten track? You are patient and up for a real adventure? You don`t mind waiting maybe even a night for the next ferry to cross the Volta Lake? You want to be rewarded by meeting lovely people and see an amazing and remote part of Ghana which hardly any tourist will ever see? Then travel to Kintampo via the Volta Region, which also allows you to avoid going back to Accra in order to head further North to Mole and Bolgatanga. This would be your trail:

  1. Get an early morning (as early as possible) TroTro from Akosombo, Ho or Hohoe to Dambai and wait for the ferry or one of the smaller boats to ferry you to the other side of the lake where TroTros and taxis will be already waiting to bring you to Kete Krachi. Be prepared for some scramble for the limited seats and vehicles.
  2. When you get to Kete Krachi you might be lucky and still get a ferry to Kwadwokrom, but you might also stay the night in one of the hotels or guest-houses and catch the ferry in the morning. A perfect moment to go for a beer where you`ll probably strike up a conversation with people around you who wonder what brought you to their town. On the other side of the lake, again get prepared for the same scramble.
  3. From there make your way to Atebubu from where you can decide to go further North with TroTros to reach Kintampo via Prang, or to take the Southern route and reach Kintampo via Ejura and/or Nkranza. If you opt for the latter, you can even stop at one of the highlights around Kintampo, at Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and spend the night at their guest-house (pre-arrangement recommended).

Before embarking on this journey make sure to ask people in the Volta Region about the conditions of the roads – especially during rainy season you might rather opt for the easy way back to Accra. The same route works also into the other direction of course.

No responsibility can be taken for this information, latest update: November 2021