As in any other town in Ghana you find a lot of affordable and good food stalls around the down-town area and the transport yards. Most of the upscale hotels (see accommodation) also have a restaurant with mainly local dishes. In our opinion, the best restaurants in town are the following:

Tamatama Lounge, Bar and Restaurant

Probably one of the best options in town: Tamatama serves local rice dishes, delicious banku and tilapia, chips, chicken, fried plantain etc. They also offer Pizza, however at the time of writing Hello Jack definitely was the better Pizza option (see below). If you want to give Tamatama a Pizza chance, make sure to order in advance if you don`t want to wait more than an hour. All other dishes come quickly. Make sure to insist that they tell you all the options on the menue. Most waiters will not let you know the whole menu straight away. Also, the atmosphere is quite unique. It is a nice place to enjoy an afternoon beer.

Hours: daily | Location

Falls Rest Stop

Located just a couple of kilometres north of town, this rest stop is a perfect location for both local and international dishes. While the canteen serves very affordable Fufu and the like, the restaurant`s menu includes Spaghetti Bolognese, shredded chicken or beef with curry sauce. From here the Kintampo Waterfalls are within walking distance!

Hours: daily | Location

Hello Jack

This small little restaurant serves mainly the students of the Kintampo Health College, no wonder as it is located just opposite the big and relaxing campus. At the time of writing, they offered the best pizza option in town (order in advance if you don`t want to wait too long), during the semester also available as slices. Apart from that, they offer the typical rice and other local dishes in very good quality.

Hours: daily | Location: Opposite 2nd gate of Kintampo Health Collage Campus (check map below) | Facebook

Okumah Executive Lodge

Falls Executive Guest House (Kintampo, Ghana), Kintampo hotel discounts |

The restaurant of this lodge has the most relaxed atmosphere in town due to its shady and spacious garden. It serves egg and bread for breakfast and several local dishes including fried rice or jollof rice with fish or chicken throughout the day. They were also the first ones to bring Pizza to town, but it seems they don`t serve them anymore – ask! They also used to be a good option for Spaghetti and fish and chips, however, at the time of our last update the menu was not as it used to be. In any case it is prefect place o have some cool drinks after a long and hot day in Kintampo.

Hours: daily, 7 am – 11 pm (depending on the number of guests) | Location

Mamas Kitchen and Lovers Inn

Both are very good and affordable food stalls located at the transport yard in Sawaba where you get different types of rice dishes and spaghetti with fish, chicken, egg and great tomato sauce throughout the day and until late.

Hours: daily | Location: Sawaba station, opposite Midway Hotel

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