Kintampo was an important administrative centre during British colonial times. Several old bungalow buildings are still there today and can be visited. Among them are the impressive buildings of the Provincial Commissioner and the Medical Officer. Some of the buildings are abandoned, others are occupied by government workers. They officially belong to the Kintampo Municipal Assembly.

Source: National Archives UK, pictures from 1915

We are currently conducting research on the bungalows. More information will follow….

How to get there?

The best way to see the bungalows and to learn about their history is with our Kintampo Walking Tour. But of course you can also visit them on your own. Ask any taxi in town to bring you to “Dr. Saunders school” or “the bungalow area”. If you walk from town, take the road of the Central Mosque, heading into the direction of the Fuller Falls. Once you see a big telephone pole on the left, enter into the neighbourhood, after a couple of meters you will see Bungalow No. 1. From there its just a couple of meters to the west to reach bungalow No. 3.