This is paradise! The Fuller Falls are a hidden treasure in the hinterlands of Kintampo. Just a few kilometres Northwest of town you can find this oasis surrounded by beautiful forest. The waterfalls do not stand out because of their hight but because of their extraordinary beauty and their relaxed and charming atmosphere. It is a special place – one of our favourites in Ghana – no wonder a local church group also uses this place for their prayers.

After arriving to the falls area, you will first walk down a couple of steps to the lower part of the falls and the main basin. From there you can either climb through the stages of the falls or take narrow pathway to the right in order to reach the upper part. The amount of water running down the river depends on the season. In any case you can now enjoy a pleasant fresh shower. Don’t forget your swimming suite and some mosquito repellent if you plan to hang out here a little longer.

By the way, the falls owe their name to a certain colonial official, named Fuller, who apparently has “discovered” it. Of course the local people new of this magical place for centuries before the arrival of the British and other colonizers. But some colonial legacies persist.

Visit of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to the Fuller Falls in the Gold Coast Colony 1925, Source: UK National Archives, Wikimedia Commons

If you are lucky you might come across some Fulani herdsman from the Sahel region with their big cattle herds who reside in that area. And if you are interested in unusual places, pay a visit to the ruins of a once planned big hotel just across the road from the stairs to the falls. Someone had once big plans to increase tourism here, but the project has clearly failed.

How to get there?

The entrance to the Fuller Falls are located at the little village Yabraso, approx. 6 kilometres Northwest of Kintampo. From the road it is another kilometre up North to reach the stairs that lead down to the main pool. Any taxi in town will bring you there, wait for you or pick you up after an hour or two. Of course you can also hike back, depending on your fitness and the heat it will take you approx. 2 hours to Kintampo. If you have the chance to get a bicycle, this would probably the nicest way to explore the falls.

Hours and Prices

during daytime, you pay a little fee to the community at the entrance when you leave the main road.