We offer a unique Kintampo Walking Tour to show you around our beautiful little town and all the hidden historical and contemporary treasures. We are also happy to guide you to the stunning Waterfalls around Kintampo, the Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary or to welcome you to our family house to share a local dinner with us!

Kintampo Walking Tour

We take you on a approximately two-hour Walking Tour through our lovely multi-ethnic town. Starting at the Center of Ghana monument, we will pass hidden colonial buildings, climb up a small hill from where you can enjoy an amazing view over Kintampo and its hinterlands, show you our central mosque and the fascinating palace of the Zongo Chief – just to mention a few attractions that are not mentioned in any guide book and you will be able to explore with us. Our tour ends at the old post office, where you can enjoy a cold drink or meal at a nice local restaurant set up by a friend of ours.

Duration: approx. 2 hours | Prices:

  • Nationals: 25 GHC
  • National Students: 20 GHC
  • Internationals: 60 GHC
  • International Students & Volunteers: 40 GHC
  • Discounts for groups from 5 persons available upon request

Waterfalls Tour

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Kintampo is home to two amazing and stunning waterfalls. You can explore them with us! We can start with the Kintampo Waterfalls – among the highest falls in Ghana (25 meters) – and continue with the Fuller Falls, a hidden oasis in the forests of Kintampo’s hinterlands. You can also chose to visit only one of them, if you don`t have enough time to see both. We can arrange transport for you and guide you to these unique spectacles of nature.

Duration and Price: Upon request

Boabeng Fiema monkey sanctuary

Boabeng Fiema monkey sanctuary is one of the renowned tourist sites located just an hour drive from Kintampo. The monkey sanctuary is the famous example of traditional conservation of forest. It is home to two different species of monkeys, regarded as sacred by the local people who happily live, eat and share their peace of minds with them. We are happy to arrange the tour for you and bring you to this unique wildlife attraction

Duration and Price: Upon Request

Home made dinner with a local family

Haven`t tried Ghanaian food yet? Or maybe you are tired of Fufu and want to try different culinary dishes of our local cuisine? We welcome you to our family house and prepare a yummy dinner for you. Just contact us and we talk about your taste! Akwaaba!

Duration and Price: Upon Request